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WETL's emission testing facility is equipped with Horiba analytical equipment.  The lab utilizes Horiba's basic bag/dilute bench which incorporates a microprocessor based programmable controller (IPC-90) for its main logic control.  The bench includes Horiba non-dispersive infrared analyzers for the measurement of carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2), a total hydrocarbon analyzer utilizing the principle of flame ionization detection (FID), and a chemiluminescence analyzer for the detection of nitric oxide (NO) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx).  The Constant Volume Sampler (CVS) incorporates the principle of a critical flow venturi (CFV) to provide constant mass flow and computes the instantaneous and cumulative volumetric flow by means of integrated microcomputer technology.  WETL utilizes Horiba's stand alone drivers aid (SADA) to generate the driving schedules for the different testing procedures required for certification.  

The dynamometer is a Clayton ECE-50, single roll water brake type dyno.  WETL has two evaporative emissions enclosures or Sealed Housing Enclosure Determination (SHED).  Each SHED is equipped with an Automotive Environmental System (AESi) temperature achievement controller for the purpose of performing the DBL. Each SHED is also equipped with a Horiba FID hydrocarbon analyzer.  Calibration of the laboratory equipment is performed in strict adherence with both EPA requirements as well as the manufacturers' recommended procedures.  The laboratory maintains detailed calibration records and has these records available for both clients as well as the EPA.


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Last modified: June 30, 2000