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WETL is a full service automotive emissions testing facility currently recognized by both the EPA as well as the California Air Resource Board (CARB) as being capable of performing the FTP testing procedures.  WETL has been involved in emissions testing since 1984 and has conducted more than two thousand EPA-75 testing procedures including both diurnal building loss (DBL) and hot soak loss (HSL) tests performed in an evaporative emissions enclosure.  Currently we are involved in programs such as new aftermarket catalyst certification, light duty vehicle (LDV) and light duty truck (LDT) certifications, fuel economy retrofit device evaluation as well as alternative fuels research and testing.

WETL has the ability to perform all testing related to LDV and LDT certifications.  We have completed over one hundred certification programs since 1988.  These certification programs have all concluded with the issuance of a signed certificate from the EPA's certification division.

WETL has performed horsepower determinations per the guidelines set forth in A/C No. 73 for measurement of vehicle frontal area as well those in A/C No. 55C for vehicle road force determination (coastdown).  WETL has also performed catalyst temperature evaluations to determine catalyst thermal degradation for the purpose of carry-over and carry-across of emission and fuel economy data.  Other certification procedures which WETL can perform include shift speed surveys as outlined in A/C No. 72A, submittal of all certification related input forms, including fuel economy forms, electronically via computer link with the EPA, and mileage accumulation for the purpose of emissions system stabilization as well as proving durability.  WETL can also serve as a liaison between the manufacturer and EPA plus assist the manufacturer in all aspects of the certification program including the preparation and submittal of the complete application for certification.  

Please note that WETL is not equipped with the facilities to accommodate the testing of diesel engine vehicles.

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Last modified: June 30, 2000