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The DOT is responsible for issues related to the safety of automobiles sold or imported into the US.  In order to import a non-conforming vehicle, you must have a contract with a company designated as a Registered Importer (RI) with the DOT.  The DOT's Vehicle Import Regulations can be accessed via this link. WETL has been an RI since 1990 when the program was initiated.  In order for an RI to import a vehicle, it must be on the eligibility list which can also be accessed via the DOT web site.  If the vehicle is not on the eligibility list, WETL must petition the DOT to add the vehicle.  This process while not expensive (approximately $500 US), takes on average four months.  Below is a list of the type of modifications generally required for DOT conformance.

Typical DOT Required Modifications
Remove and replace headlight assemblies
Remove and replace tail light assemblies
Remove, modify and replace speedometer
Modify parking brake system
Install seat belt & key warning buzzer
Modify door locks
Install engraved vehicle identification number (VIN) plate
Install VIN location label
Install certification label
Install tire information label
Perform etching on passenger side mirror
Remove, document, and evaluate bumpers
Perform engineering evaluations on bumper strength
Modify and reinforce bumpers to comply with engineering
Remove door panels
Perform engineering evaluation on door impact strength
Modify and reinforce doors to comply with engineering
Install rollover valve
Install seat belt micro-switch & warning buzzer
Photograph all original & modified parts
Document photographs to substantiate compliance
Prepare vehicle and customs documents
Purchase DOT warranty insurance (Required)
Submit statement of conformity and compliance package to DOT in Washington (approximately 70 pictures)
Pay DOT eligibility fee
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Last modified: June 30, 2000